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Owner: B乛LAC丨ᗩᑎᗰᗝᒪ ᔕᖇIᐯᗩᔕ丅ᗩᐯᗩ * #ƈʏɮɛʀlєgєnds


A Powerful, Smart And Simple Userbot In Telethon.


This is A Remix Bot Of Many UserBot.

  • FridayUserBot
  • Jarvisuserbot
  • Javes 2.0
  • TeleBot
  • Uniborg
  • CipherX
  • Hellboi-Danish


Total Commands = CMDS Are More Than 470 :D

About ɮʟǟƈᏦ ʟɨɢɦƭռɨռɢ

  1. Can Do Many This Such As Download ANy Video From Youtube and Other Sites

  2. Many Things For Adult Tho....

  3. Many Cool CMDS To Trick Your Friends

  4. Can Give Mast To Any Img Such As .Krish Mask,Gold Mask, ManyOther

  5. And More CMDS Just Deploy It

  6. Can Spam Over 9999 Words And Can Spam Images And Medias

  7. Its Has Many Plugins To Trick Your Friends

  8. Many Animated Filters Plugins Like Rock Hello Heart Adults Filters Like Sax etc....

  9. Can Tell You About The Person when he/she Will Enter In Ur Grup That He Is Spammer And Will Ban him/her automatically

  10. Can Tell You Any State or COuntry Coivd Cases

  11. Can Give u Cricket Scores (Credits Given In Plugins)

  12. And If You Are Goinn To Sleep Do .night The Bot WIll Auto Reply Messages With A Good Night Message ( Some Thing Like Afk But Different)

  13. Afk Feature When You Are Goin Offline

  14. And If You Are Goinn For Study Do .study The Bot WIll Auto Reply Messages With A Good Study Message ( Some Thing Like Afk But Different)

  15. And 5 types Of Hack CMDs

  16. And Many More CMDS


This is a userbot made for telegram. I made this userbot with help of all other userbots available in telegram. All credits goes to its Respective Owners.......


  • Python 3.8 or Higher
  • Telegram API Keys
  • String Gernate from here

How To



The Normal Way

Simply clone the repository and run the main file:

git clone https://github/KeinShin/Black-Lightning.git
cd Black Lightning 
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
# <Create with variables as given below>
python3 -m Black-Lightning

Mandatory Vars

[+] Only two of the environment variables are mandatory.

[+] This is because of telethon.errors.rpc_error_list.ApiIdPublishedFloodError

    [-] APP_ID:   You can get this value from
    [-] API_HASH :   You can get this value from
[+] The Lightning Bot will not work without setting the mandatory vars.

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