How to get variable in Flexible File Writer in JMeter

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I was testing service with JMeter. I need to write the phone number into a CSV file and the phone number is a variable as you can see in the Debug Sampler. I was using Flexible File Writer for writing the file. Here is the documentation of Flexible File Writer in the last section they described how to use a variable but I'm not getting it. Any example would be great help!

Here is my Flexible File Writer config

  1. Add the next line to file:

  2. Restart JMeter to pick up the change

  3. Instead of ${phone} in the Flexible File Writer use variable#0

  4. If you need to write more than one variable:


    and then in the Flexible File Writer:

    • variable#0 - instead of ${phone}
    • variable#1 - instead of ${device_id}

More information:

  • Configuring JMeter
  • Sample Variables
  • Using the JMeter Flexible File Writer Plugin

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