Difference between count(*) and count(1) in mysql?

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In MySql we can count the total number of records by using count(1) or count(*).

Is there any technical difference between them?


They are the same. This has often been asked in Stackoverflow and here

count(*), count(0), count(1), count(-1)

all return the count.

Edit In fact, in SQL Server, a COUNT(ALL ...) CONSTANT expression doesn't appear to be evaluated at all, however, a COUNT(DISTINCT ...) is*.


select count(ALL 1/0) from xyz; -- Succeeds


select count(DISTINCT 1/0) from xyz;  -- Divide by Zero

and at least one exception is NULL

select count(1) from xyz; -- Operand data type void type is invalid for count operator.

FWR in MySQL count(1/0) returns 0 irrespective of the number of rows.

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