What are the dangers of using an unsupported Ubuntu version?

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You would be safe from viruses and malware, since anti-virus software is 3rd party and you would still be able to update them since the companies that made the software will keep providing you with new virus definitions.

But....There are a lot of Linux black-hats out there who would just love to hack into your computer. And because Canonical will no longer give you security updates, your computer will be rendered vulnerable. (Kind of like when MS pulled the plug on Windows XP). I think that programs such as Java and ssh would be targeted to gain full access to your computer. But as long as you harden down your computer, I guess you would be fine for a few months or more after the version no longer becomes supported.


My question would be a what is the upside? You cannot upgrade from 15.10 to 16.10 directly. If the upgrade is something you don't want to do because you are afraid of maybe breaking something, the LTS version would be the better option due to its longer support.

But as the others wrote, as long as you are careful and don't run services (or even better create your own debs (backports) from the newer releases when there is a problem), you might be fine. Consider using a ppa for the browser to get security fixes at least there.

I guess this comes from some kind of necessity, but if not, never plan to do it like this!

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