Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't work for me

I tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 (through a LIVE-CD), and the installation process went fine. So when I tried to start Ubuntu for the first time, there already was a strange graphical glitch on the top of the screen (there were some green-purple stripes). It also loaded kinda slowly and the login screen also took a few seconds to load correctly (it also was kinda buggy). But, since this was the first boot up of the system I didn't think much about it.

So, signing in also went fine, but for some reason the desktop didn't load. I just saw the wallpaper and I can move my mouse fine, but I can't interact with anything. There was no task bar, no top bar, no nothing. When I right clicked on the desktop a context menu started flimmering up, but since it just was appearing and disappearing within a few milliseconds I couldn't interact with it. I thought I should try to update the driver, so I pressed STRG + ALT + F1 to force-open the terminal (there was no other way I could open it). And for some reason the Internet doesn't work either, so I couldn't update any driver or software.

If it does matter: I have a GTX 960.

I really hope anyone can help me, I really want to try Ubuntu to get rid of Windows, but it's really frustrating when nothing seems to work. I already reinstalled Ubuntu like 3-times, but that didn't improve my situation.


Ubuntu 16.04 is still very new, and users with nvidia cards are having issues. 14.04 is a VERY stable operating system at this point. If you're a new Ubuntu user, I might suggest giving it a shot.

While nearly everyone wants to use the "latest and greatest" - with open soruce software that sometimes means tolerating small errors, or working to fix them. It sounds like you're getting the worst end of the problems with 16.04 and nvidia drivers.

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