Ubuntu overheat and instant shutdown

Since the last couple of days my desktop PC shuts down instantly and automatically even on light system usage. I found this line in the system log just before the shut down.

localhost kernel: [14404.565480] nouveau  [  PTHERM][0000:01:00.0] temperature (126 C) hit the 'shutdown' threshold

Is this a hardware or software issue and what can be done to investigate this in more detail?


Seems like heat sink on top of CPU is either not functioning well or thermal paste on top of CPU and under the heat sink fan needs refill.

Hope it solves it.


This thread may be helpful to you:

How to use lm-sensors?

Reading up on some of these sensor apps, some can help you control the fan.


This is definitely a graphics card issue. "Nouveau" is the open-source nvidia driver. Check your GPU fan and cooling. Remove dust.


I would recommend pulling out your fan first of all. I have fixed numerous computers that had junk in the fan or the heatsink, especially if it is on the floor.

After that, if you can replicate it I would run top and watch what is using the CPU the most, leading up to a shutdown.

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