How do I set up a server like this?

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The network:

Setup dynamic DNS (so you can access your PC from anywhere):

Use a free service called NoIP:

  1. Register for account at NoIP.
  2. Setup a domain name at their website (this is free, but will give you such a web address:
  3. Setup their Dynamic Update Client using their guide. After that:
    1. Execute sudo chown "$USER" /usr/local/etc/no-ip2.conf so that you can run their service without root access
    2. Add the noip2 command to your Startup Applications.

Setup your router to allow outside connections:

You need to forward ports. This differs for every router, so check for guides on pretty much every router.

Exactly what ports to forward shall be discussed later.

Remote control:

Remote terminal access:

  1. Install the OpenSSH server: sudo apt install openssh-server
  2. Start it:
    1. (Ubuntu older than 15.04) sudo service sshd start
    2. (Ubuntu 15.04 or newer) sudo systemctl start sshd

Connecting from Windows using the PuTTY app (website).

Remote graphical access:

Your options:


This is bundled with Ubuntu, in an application called 'Desktop Sharing'.

Connect from Windows using TigerVNC View (website)

TeamViewer (Not open source) (website)

This isn't open source, but works very fast.

Router setup: (continued)

Ports to forward:

  • 22 for SSH
  • 5800 and 5900 for VNC
  • Nothing required for TeamViewer

This does not have anything really to do with Ubuntu, this is really a networking and VPN question.

To start if your machine is going to live at your house and never move, you will need to configure your home router/firewall to allow you to VPN into your network (from outside of it), once you are in, then you can SSH to the server, VNC, or any other product you can find to control the machine.

If your server is hosted outside of your house, then you will need to contact the hosting provider to see how they want you to VPN into their network.

As far as wireless is concerned, where ever you are you will have to figure out how to connect to the internet, where ever the machine you want to connect to is concerned, it needs to connect from where it is.

Based on your question, that is my best answer.

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