Removed Python. How to repair ubuntu 20.04 OS without disturbing much of apps?

I have a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version(I am new to Ubuntu), recently I wanted to install the latest version of python i.e. python3.10.0 but was not able to so I looked online and followed many methods but not remember which one worked hence, I won't be able to tell what I used.Then the next day when I tried to open the terminal it was not working so I looked up the internet and it said that it might be because of the recent things I installed and as the latest thing I did was to install python and I remembered a warning regarding the installation of python3.10.0 that came up during the installation process but I ignored it so, I thought of removing python from the system I did that using something as Clt+Alt+F3 but I messed up the python of the OS. Since then many applications are not opening including terminal, is there a way to fix this without installing Ubuntu20.04 again because I don't want to do the process again and then install the third party packages once more and also my important files will be lost. I want a solution that will repair whole OS without disturbing much of apps and packages(It is okay if some apps and packages are removed but not all)

Note: I have synaptic package manager,dconf-editor,gdebi package manager if needed I can use them.

Edit: If everything is removed it is okay and I have created backup for files but don't want to install it over again.


Try this:

$ apt -f install Reboot. If it's still not right, try: $ dpkg-reconfigure -a Reboot. It should be working for sure, unless you messed up the package database in /var Let us know how it goes. Write down all the errors, in case we need them to further assist you.

I wouldn't worry. I used to get into a mess all the time. It's how you learn!

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