Can't resize Dash Icons in Settings (No option)

I booted my computer today and noticed that the icons on my Ubuntu Default Dash were too big, when I went under Appearances in Settings, there wasn't an option for decreasing the size of the Dash, in fact, no option to resize or configure the Dash at all, only giving me the option to pick a Background Image, under the appearances tab at the top, it only gives me the option to choose light theme or dark theme:

Addtional Info:

I did not install Dash to Dock I tried turning off Ubuntu Dock in GNOME Tweaks, didn't help.

My objective is to resize the dash icon size, anything helps!

Thanks in Advance


You did change something in your gnome/ubuntu.

This is how this menu looks on my ubuntu

Settings - Appearance (I have too little reputation points to make the image visible here

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