Linux script to see what packages were not downloaded from a folder

I am trying to figure a way to solve an issue I am facing. I have an offline standalone server at work. It is not connected to the internet and we have to manually patch the server each month. We transfer the packages of things to be downloaded from another linux server (same OS) in a folder. The folder has 50-100 rpm packages and we transfer it to the home folder of the standalone server.

We run the following to update the standalone server to upgrade it each month.

#cd November-os-updates

#yum clean all

#yum update *.rpm --disablerepo=*

What script can enable me to check that all the rpm packages in the November-os-updates is installed/upgraded successfully? If everything is successful, it will say something like all packages installed successfully! If there are packages that did not upgrade for whatever reason, it will say something like: "(package name) not installed!". This will help me tremendously to ensure we are patching it correctly. In the past, there has been instances where packages were not updated and that caused a big issue.


You'll find your answer on either this first RedHat webpage - ch 8.1, or on this second RedHat webpage - ch 8.2.

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