Install new version of C-ares on Centos 7

I'm trying to install a more recent version of c-ares on a Centos 7 server. The repo only has 1.10.

Any ideas other than upgrading to Centos 8 to get c-ares 1.13 ?


Your best option is probably to download the source rpm for c-ares 1.13 from the Centos 8 repo and recompile it for Centos 7, then install the new package. In other words, backport it.

Note that while the library's major version hasn't changed and that custom dictates that the major version should be changed when there are incompatible changes, that doesn't always happen. So, while installing the updated version shouldn't cause any breakage, that's not guaranteed. Keep an eye on it, and be ready to downgrade to the older version if the upgrade causes other programs to break.

It's also worth noting that sometimes backporting one package will also require backporting other packages that it depends upon (or packages that depend upon it)....and that those packages may, in turn, require other packages to be backported. If there are only a small number of easily backported packages to do, that can be worth the effort. For long and complex dependency chains, you'd be much better off just upgrading to Centos 8.

BTW, do you actually need version 1.13? Are there essential bug-fixes or improvements that you known you need, or do you just want the new version because it's newer and you believe that "newer = better"?

Remember that while new versions often come with fixes to existing bugs, they sometimes come with exciting new bugs too.

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