Google Sheets: Dynamic Generated IMPORTRANGE formula

I have a drop down cell in column A with the names of the tabs of another workbook. In column B, I will manually input a row #. I want to use the worksheet name from Column A, and the row information from column b in a formula to look up information.

The formula I am using currently is:

=IMPORTRANGE("heresmyworkbookwebaddress", "Drink!A2")

What I am trying to do is: make it so that "Drink" is generated from the drop down menu cell, and the 2 from A2 is generated from the information contained in the cell from my B column. The A in A2 should always stay as A.

Is there any way to do this? Is there an easier way to pull information from another workbook? Thanks ahead of time SheetsGods!


Have you tried to concatenate the second part of your formula like this:

=IMPORTRANGE("heresmyworkbookwebaddress", *cellcontainingdropdown*&"A"&*B-cell*)

Instead of "cellcontainingdropdown" you enter the cell. Instead of "B-Cell" you insert the rownumber of column B that you need.

Depending on the format of your cell containing the workbook names you have to use "&!A&" instead of "&A&" if those are not used.

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